Misconduct and Indiscipline

  1. All acts of violence and forms of coercion such as gheraos, sit-ins, forcible entry into the premises of any academic or administrative department/office/center, or any laboratory or any building housing any equipment or property of university community, library, guest houses, sports complexes, stores, residence quarters, hostels or any other space, which disrupt the normal academic and administrative functioning of the University, and/or any act which incites or leads to violence inside or outside of the campus of University of Hyderabad.
  2. Laying siege or staging demonstrations around the residence of any member of the university community or any other form of coercion, intimidation or disturbance and/or invasion of right to privacy of the residents of the campus.
  3. Hunger strikes, dharnas, group bargaining and any other form of protest by blocking entrance or exit of any of the academic and/or administrative complexes/ units, sports complexes or disrupting the movements of any member of the university community & preventing any employee including teaching & non-teaching staff of the university from carrying out their duties.
  4. Committing forgery, tampering with Identity Card/s or university records, impersonation, misusing university property, (movable or immovable), funds, documents and records, tearing of pages, defacing, burning or in any way destroying books, journals, magazines and any material of university libraries or laboratory or unauthorized photocopying or possession of library books, journals, magazines or any other material.
  5. Furnishing false certificates or false information in any manner to the University for admission or any other purpose.
  6. Any act of moral turpitude. Theft of any property committed within/outside the university.
  7. Arousing communal, caste or regional feeling or creating disharmony among students.
  8. Use of abusive, defamatory, derogatory or intimidatory language against any member of the University Community.
  9. Causing or colluding in the unauthorized entry and exit of any person into/from the Campus or in the unauthorized occupation of any portion of the University premises, including halls of residences or any space, by any person.
  10. Unauthorized occupation of the hostels room or unauthorized acquisition and use of any University property including furniture in one’s hostel room, or elsewhere.
  11. Indulging in acts of gambling on the University premises.
  12. Consuming or possessing dangerous drugs or other intoxicants in any form on the University premises.
  13. Damaging or defacing, in any form, any property of the University or the property of any member of the University Community.
  14. Not disclosing one’s identity when asked to do so by a faculty member or any employee of the University or security persons on duty at various points of entry and exit and/ or on the University campus..
  15. Improper behavior while on tour or excursion towards fellow students/scholars or any employee of the university, and / or outsiders.
  16. Coercing the medical staff to render medical assistance to persons not entitled for the same or any other disorderly behavior in the Health Centre. Not following the protocol laid down by the Health Centre staff vis-à-vis referral treatment in other hospitals.
  17. Blockade or forceful prevention of any normal movement of traffic, violation of security, safety rules.
  18. Any other offence under the law of land.
  19. Ragging in any form. All university rules pertaining to ragging apply.
  20. Accommodating unauthorized guests or other persons in the halls of residence.
  21. Engaging in any attempt at wrongful confinement of any member of the faculty, staff, student or anyone camping inside the campus.
  22. Any intimidation or insulting behavior towards a student, staff, or faculty or any other person. Physical assault in any manner.
  23. Publishing of any matter (including expressed orally or in any writing, sign or visible representation, including electronically) which is threatening, abusive or insulting or constitutes harassment or makes others fear violence, including:
    1. by printing or displaying within the University or
    2. by publishing or distributing to any visitor, officer, member or employee of the University or
    3. by using in any form of meeting or gathering (including social and sporting activities)
    4. electronically (audio, video, internet, images) by broadcasting to any visitor, officer, member or employee of the University.
  24. Any other act which may be considered by the Vice-Chancellor or any other competent authority to be an act of violation of discipline and conduct.
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