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Whereas by virtue of Section of the University of Hyderabad Act read with Section Clause Proctor 9 (1) & (2) of the Statutes of the university, the Vice-Chancellor, vested with all the powers relating to discipline and disciplinary action has approved the following rules of discipline and proper conduct to be followed by all the students of the University.

      1. These Rules shall be called “The UOH Students’ Discipline and Conduct rules” hereafter referred to as the “D&C Rules”.
      2. These Rules shall come into force with immediate effect.
      1. These rules shall apply to all students of the University (including part-time students) whether admitted prior to or after the commencement of these Rules.
      2. These Rules shall be implemented to:

(i) Regulate and enforce discipline among students of the University and take such disciplinary measures in this regard as may be deemed necessary. Without prejudice to the powers of the Vice-chancellor and the Chief Proctor as aforesaid, Deans of Schools, Heads of departments, Heads of Centers and all academic units on the campus, as the case maybe, may frame such supplementary rules as they deem necessary for the aforesaid purposes.
(ii) Any breach of discipline and conduct committed by a student in relation to the university inside or outside the University Campus shall fall under the purview of these Rules.
(iii) Without prejudice to the generality of the power to enforce discipline under Statute of the Statutes of the University of Hyderabad , any act in the following paragraphs/pages shall amount to acts of misconduct or indiscipline or both.
(iv) Any addendum/amendment to the rules mentioned in this document shall be deemed to be automatically part of the D&C Rules.

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