The competent authority may for good and sufficient reasons impose one or more of the following punishments on a student found guilty of any of one or more acts of indiscipline or misconduct, as the case may be.

  1. Admonition/Reprimand.
  2. Fine up to Rs. 30,000/- depending on the gravity of indiscipline.
  3. Recovery of any kind, cost of damages etc.
  4. Withdrawal of any or all privileges extended to a student including scholarship/fellowship or any monetary assistance irrespective of the source of funding.
  5. Stoppage of any or all academic processes.
  6. Declaring any Halls of Residences, premises, building and/or the entire University campus out of bounds.
  7. Cancellation of admission or withdrawal of degree or denial of registration for a specified period.
  8. Rustication up to four semester period and/or declaring any part or the entire UOH Campus out of bounds.
  9. Expulsion from university for life.
  10. Handing over of the case to police and filing an FIR
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