1. No punishment shall ordinarily be imposed on a student unless the PB has followed normal procedures including due opportunity to the student/s charged of an offence.
  2. In case the Vice-Chancellor or any competent authority is of the opinion that on the basis of the available material and evidence on record, a prima facie case exists against a student, s/he may order suspension of the student including withdrawal of any or all facilities available to a bonafide student pending inquiry.
  3. Not withstanding any punishment mentioned above, the Vice-chancellor may, keeping in view the gravity/nature of misconduct/act of indiscipline, the manner and the circumstances in which the misconduct/indiscipline has been committed, award a punishment in excess of or less than or other than what has been mentioned thereon for reasons to be recorded.
  4. The office of the Chief Proctor shall immediately report its decision to all the officials concerned for necessary action. It shall also report annually to the Vice-chancellor and any such body that the VC deems fit, on all cases arbitrated by it during the preceding academic year.


In case of a dispute with regard to the interpretation of any of the rules mentioned above, the decision of the Vice-chancellor shall be final.

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